Istanbul, Turkey

We spent 5 days exploring this magical, ancient city and we just loved it!  On our first day, it was raining so we stopped of at a cafe where we could play Backgammon and that was the start of a new love for us.  Everyday, we played Backgammon and it has become a popular game in our house.  Thanks Istanbul!


We spent many hours in rug shops, drinking tea and trying to decide on 'our' rug.

Aya Sofia's mosaics

Sara, go and check this out at The Louvre for us and take a picture of the original :-)

The Blue Mosque on a sunny day.

A tour of the Bosphorous.

Blue Mosque at night

Aya Sofia at night.

Blue Mosque at sunset.

Istaklal Street and my favourite picture.

Turkish sweets

Turkish Beer

Our first rug EVER!

I was posing as if I were a Madonna for a mosaic :-)

Playing Backgammon with the locals.  This guys was the champion until he played Robert!  Robert beat him 5-0!

Our time in Istanbul was short and sweet.  We will go back because it is a wonderful city.  Lots of history and culture.

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