Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby Shower in Amman

I am incredibly grateful to have such thoughtful, caring friends here in Amman.  They organised such a lovely event for our little baby to be.   It was a book themed shower with many colours.  My friends here know that I love rainbow, bright colours not nasty pastel colours so they made sure that no one bought anything pastel :-)  In the middle of the shower, I got quite emotional and blurted out, "I just hope that this little one likes rainbows as much as I do!"  One of my friends said, "She'll probably be a goth and like nothing but black!"  Oh dear - I can't imagine a child of mine not enjoying colours.

Our friend, Jill, had her baby boy.  Here, Arthur is a week old and dressed in stripes.  He is a little cutie!

This is my dear friend Lindsey who helped organise the party :-)

Amazing cupcakes made by my friend's sister. They were so good, no one wanted to eat them so I took them in for my students who enjoyed them.

This is my dear friend Lisa who hosted and organised the party.

Two more lovely ladies from my school knitted a blanket for our little baby to be!  I am so touched by their love, generosity, kindness and creativity.  This little one is going to be very lucky indeed :-)